The joy of uninterrupted sleep, Olympics – Meh!

Last night Zoe slept from 10:45pm until nearly 6am in the morning. I was walking around the lounge room in the morning experiencing a strange sensation – I could see across the room, my eyes didn’t feel like they had sand inthem and I could remember what day it was, then I realised –



telstra_logoI couldn’t help myself – I had to add a new RANT about Telstra – they have been messing me around for weeks and something had to be done. Have a read – here.abc_logo

TV – I have been watching the Gruen Transfer on TV recently – a brilliant show on the ABC where a panel discusses advertising – and not it’s not just a bunch of ads that are supposed to be funny and are not – Gruen T actually talks about how and why ads work and discuss the industry. Also, in a move that I hope scares the bjesus out of the commercial networks – the ABC is allowing people to download episodes of their programs, so you can finally watch great ABC programming whenever you feel like it. Take a look here – make you wonder why anyone would bother wading through the piles of loud obnoxious advertising we are force fed on the commercial networks.
You can also get ABC podcasts delivered to your device of choice – I’m getting Triple J (Dr. Karl) and ABCs Media Watch, Catalyst and the Gruen Transfer (which just finished for the season). Now if a company could finally build a decent Media Player that doesn’t cost a fortune – my entertainment world would be complete. I currently have a DVICO Tvix box – which is damn good for watching movies.. but as a music player is is, well… pretty awful. You can buy a PC for about $300 which is better than any $1000 HD PVR / Media player on the market – but try to convince your partner to let you have (another) PC in the lounge room…

The Olympics are going to be on TV soon…

I’m struggling to find a way to get excited about it really. Now that the marathon runner with asthma is refusing to run in the smog, there aren’t many events I’m looking forward to. I’m always interested in judo – but it barely ever gets any air time because Australia doesn’t win medals. WHY is it that we only care about sports that some Australian might have a chance at winning – they aren’t MY mates any more than the Chinese fella who is giving it a go – I’d rather see a good range of sports instead of swimming, swimming, swimming. I can’t even look forward to the ‘excitement’ of watching countries representatives walking around in a circle wearing daggy trakkies for three hours, waving to a stadium full of people they don’t know now that the opening ceremony leak has been splashed onto every ‘news’ show.

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