Ninjutsu – Photos

Banner from the Tai Kai in Madrid – ’01

‘Soke’ – Masaaki Hatsumi – the current Grand Master
also a doctor, writer and respected artist.

Picture taken at the Madrid Taikai of Hammersmith Dojo attendees

Me and Ed Lomax – I attended a sword workshop in Sydney with him

Me and Ed Martin – who I write to on the net and have met in Spain

I have provided some pictures from the Summer Camp run by

Craig Guest – 2004 – at Crystal Creek.

More information can be found at Craig Guest’s
Bujinkan Site –

The topics for the Camp were Gyokko Ryu and Koto Ryu and the weapons examined included – sword, bo staff, jo, hanbo and knife. It was the first time I had been on one of Craig’s camps and I had a fantastic time. Aside from learning more than my brain could fit in, I had a chance to meet students from Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. It was also great to catch up with some folks from the Canberra dojo.

Outside of training (which was up to 6.5 hours a day), we got in some good hacky sack, learnt a bit about thowing weapons, a few trips to the local and generally getting to know each other.

Check out the photos

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