Gary Clarke

gary_clarkeVicki’s father – Gary Clarke – passed away on Sunday the 15th of June, with his family at his side. It has been a sad time for the family and friends of Gary, but from what I can tell Gary didn’t spend much time sad, so I guess we should concentrate on the fun times with him. I only new Gary for a few years – Visiting the Clarke family home where you would be swept up in the anarchy of parents, children, nieces and nephews all messing around and having a good time. Gary was really friendly to me from the outset, making me feel comfortable in a family that could have easily been overwhelming. He was always laughing, cracking jokes and interested in what I had to say. The Clarke family are an impressive clan indeed – they have stuck together and looked after each other and shared stories about their dad / husband that helped me know a bit more about Gary. It’s sad to think that Zoe won’t have spent more time with her grandad, but he has left his mark on his family and friends and had a great life.

These days Vicki and I feel like we have our hands full with our baby girl to look after. Somehow, Gary managed to raise nine children AND keep his sense of humour – an impressive man indeed.

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