Life after Zoe…

Much like her prominence on my homepage… Zoe has become a major part of our lives now and along with the new family member come a whole bunch of skills that you never even thought about before a baby came along.

I now find myself able to figure out if Zoe is really waking up from blue_sleepingher heavy breathing and snorting noises. I can make a sandwich, albeit an ugly one, with one hand, can be covered with baby spew and not batter an eyelid and learnt to surf with one hand using the Wii. I’ve also found that going to work with only three hours sleep is only slightly better than being badly hung-over.

We’ve found Zoe prefers cheesy house music to nursery rhymes which is a relief, and I’m in the process of trying to convince her that goa trance is a more expressive and rich genre for bedtime music.

Modeling for dad – She probably doesn’t realise it, but Zoe has been a fantastic photographic subject for me. She’s not shy, button_cardieloves attention, has a new emotion every 10 seconds and is constantly changing. If you click on any of the photos or here you can see some of my recent pictures of her. I have lots of ideas for photos but find I come home after dark these days and there are more pressing matters. I have a new strobe kit and I’m planning on setting that up for some ‘studio’ photography. Taking pictures of Zoe has made me ease up on the gritty, contrasty images I’m normally developing.

What else.. – I’ve found a few freaks to go to the gym with and we are sort of taking turns to be ‘the trainer’ which has been fun. I have also found my way to the pool and managed to swim 2.6kms – 104 dizzying laps of a 25m pool. I’m sure I’m doing everything wrong and fighting my way through the water instead of swimming. I occasionally see swimmers on TV and, well, I’m not doing that. A stranger at the pool tried to show me how to do tumble turns at the end of a lap, but my immediate enthusiasm weaned after slamming my heel into a starting block instead of a graceful turn – maybe next time…
I’ve had a go at Mario Kart in preparation for the demoralising defeat I expect from Vicki’s brothers when we play online – with only one cup of tea flying across the room from a desperate attempt to complete a ‘trick jump’.

Best wishes go to Vicki’s dad who has had a heart attack and is currently recovering in hospital. He’s got a fantastic family and lots of supporting friends thinking of him. We’re all looking forward to him getting better and being back at home for another massive Clarke family meal.

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