It's a girl!!!

Our baby came a bit sooner than we expected. On Vicki’s first day of work we went in for a check up and they recommended that we have our baby two days later – so it was all action stations to get everything ready and mentally prepare ourselves for the baby.

Baby Zoe arrived on Wednesday 5th March. I knew labour was going to be full on.. but I had NO IDEA. On TV it always took, at MOST 5 minutes… slightly different to being next to a loved one who feels like she is being kicked in the guts for hours on end and there’s not a hell of a lot you can do about it. steve_n_zoeVicki was a complete champion and I now know what it means to be tough.

Photos – It’s not real unless you have photos and little Zoe can’t tell me to ‘get over it’ and stop taking photos… so there are lots. I’ve put up some pics of her and our visitors here

Life after baby – <insert cliché here>. I hadn’t looked at my PC for days, hadn’t downloaded a thing (no, really) and there had been NO progress in Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii – normally this would mean I was dying or an innocent victim of the ‘War on Terror’ but this time around I didn’t mind.. Zoe has really been a dream baby from what I understand but Vicki and I are getting used to ANOTHER person in the house who wants food every three hours and doesn’t really mind being awake at night. This has left us a bit wired and dopey.. but tis expected. I’m home with Vicki for a few weeks and then I’ll be working with the guys at work to figure out how I can spend time with my girls at home.. more news soon.. Love Steve, Vicki and Zoe!

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