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img3Vicki and I are getting married and we have a baby due in March 08!

I think I have told most of my friends by now but occasionally I mention the baby in passing and people ask me if I got a new car / computer…. not this time, this time it’s a live one and a good kicker by the sounds of things. We found out there was a baby on the way last year and decided we probably didn’t want to be in the back of a 4WD in Africa at 7 months.. so we changed our travel plans and went to Bali. Now it’s just a simple case of parenthood… The birth / baby classes (read – horror and gore stories reminiscent of the Clockwork Orange rehab screening) have done wonders easing any anxiety we have experienced. We got ourselves a sensible ‘family’ car – along with the WRX. I’m convinced a 12″ subbie and some AWD torque will sooth the baby into slumber so long as I pick the right music.

Sport – Vicki and I have both been running around doing a bit more sporty stuff. I have discovered swimming, or in my case trashing around in the water trying to get to the other end of the pool. Even with her big tummy Vicki glides past my frothing wake and I struggle to keep up. There is obviously more to swimming than brute force! I’ve been riding my bike to work more these days and Vicki dragged me to a spin class. As promised it is pretty much a rave on bicycles, but apparently good for you. I was surrounded by stern faced sporty types wearing riding gear (come ON we are INSIDE with fans blowing on us). I soon realised why – you can really work up a sweaty shower with some guy yelling at you about large imaginary hills coming up with black lights and hardcore techno – I’ll be at more classes in future!

Also, Bryce dragged me into a tennis comp at Albert Park. After years of listening to my Dad harp on about the joys of tennis, I found myself on a court trying to remember tennis lessons I had when I was fifteen – at which point my main purpose was to hang out with my cute next door neighbour. I have been unceremoniously thrashed by just about everyone I have played, but the occasional incredibly lucky shot (later described as ‘skilfully placed’) makes the humiliating 0-6 defeats worth while and I’m getting almost excited as Dad about playing! I am going to have to get Dad to show me ‘the way of the force’ on the court so I’m a bit more competitive.

Photos – I am using Picasa and have put up a few recent photos there. It has tons of space, a PC client application that takes all the hard work out of uploading and it’s not plagued by Ads and restrictions (are you listening Yahoo!).

I’m finishing off a set of wedding photos for a couple and then I’m going to help a friend put together a modelling portfolio. I took a few shots of my friend Amy’s rowing team and will be using some Photoshop ‘magic’ to re-create a medal photo that didn’t work out for them when they took home the gold. I’m always looking for photographic adventures / work / people to shoot with or who would like a portrait done.

Some recent pics (hosted on Picasa now)


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