Back from Bali

vick_baliVicki and I are back from a few weeks in Bali. I was initially terrified of the idea of being surrounded by Aussie tourists who are determined to drink heroic amounts of Bintang Bali Beer in record time. But we limited our time in Kuta to one day and spent the day running back to the top of the waterslide at Waterbomb!

As usual, I ran about with my camera getting holiday snaps. Once again I took my little IXUS 850 with me – there were moments that cried out for a sharper wide angle or a longer zoom… but big camera bags aren’t so good for climbing on and off boats and coming down volcanoes! I have uploaded a few sets of pics to FlickR

PHOTOS – The part of the trip with a group from Intrepid
PHOTOS – The part of the trip where Vicki and I explored by ourselves and stayed in some fancy places!

Here is one I like (v-LARGE) – helps if you have a big monitor!

I was going to give FlickR a big plug for being easier to share photos- but then I realised it is only showing 200 of the photos I uploaded and I need to pay for the rest to be shown 🙁 – will try to find something better and less aligned to Yahoo!

Was great to get away, swim, go for walks, dance, drink and meet lots of friendly people – Melbourne should be warming up soon so I can get out the shorts and t-shirt.

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