Website update / Thailand / 2142 and WOW

Updating website – Over the last few days I have been updating to remove the frames and tables of my past efforts and move towards CSS and layers. The change has taken me a fair bit of messing around and there isn’t a huge difference in the pages when you look at them. The plan is to have a more flexible and easier to update website in the future – so hopefully I get more than one blog posting in every few months. Some of the photo album pages have been removed while I re-jig the photo area. I am going to post some of my wedding photos so people interested in what type of shots I take can have a look online. I’m still in the process of making sure people are happy to have their pictures posted online. The changes should make my layout easier on the eye and also Google will hit more than a few lines of text – making me and my rants easier to find.

Thailand – Vicki and I had a fantastic holiday in Thailand in January. Vicki planned a action packed adventure for us including a five day mountain bike ride through Northern Thailand and around the Burmese border, sea canoeing through islands and mangroves in the south and I even managed to get my Advanced certificate for scuba diving at Phi Phi island. I will get around to putting up a Thailand album – all shot on my tiny new Canon IXUS 850 camera, now that Seratoga has undergone a revamp. For now I’ll put a few pictures here.

Fun and Games – Well I’m 30 years old now and that means it takes less time to save up for computer toys than it did when I worked at the car wash. Bryce and I have been doing some serious gaming recently with Battlefield 2142 and World of Warcraft. I initially didn’t want to play ‘WOW’ because I had heard of its addictive properties.. but then I gave in and I now wander around huge landscapes with my Tauren shaman until my eyes sting from sleepiness. I’m not quite as addicted to the game as my friends are – I’m still remembering to eat, but I AM hooked!


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