30 years old… CS2 and my friend's wedding in Flowerdale



Butterfly Club Birthday – Well I’m 30 now. At first I didn’t think I could be bothered organising a party, that was before Shane and I started thinking about the mischief we could get up to if we had a combined party. Twice the mates and half the organisation, along with Vicki’s idea of hiring out The Butterfly Club and were were sold.

The Butterfly Club is a quirky bar / cabaret venue close to the city – they have trinkets and freaky decorations everywhere, with lots of atmosphere and really friendly and helpful owners. We went there to check out the venue and the owners said that whatever ideas we came up

with for entertainment they would do their best to sort it out for us. We decided on some lovely French maids who would meet and greet our guests, provide refreshments and finally sing a saucy duet for us. Also Geraldine, a performer who had a show on downstairs in the cabaret room, came up to finish off the night with some hilarious and, yes, disturbing songs about growing up.

The whole night was a blast, with almost too many mates turning up at one stage. With old friends and Vicki’s brothers on my case, I didn’t get a butterfly_merrimentchance to buy myself a drink but I definitely didn’t go thirsty. The brave among us went out to The Lounge afterwards. With no cabs in sight, it was a decent walk to the city but pumping dance music and a chill out balcony awaited. Before too long it was morning and I had a cup of tea and watched the sun come up.

Other News – I’ve been learning a lot more about Photoshop CS2 and its many tricks. I’ve just ordered myself a graphics tablet so I can work like the pros.. only taking a lot longer at this stage. There are some great Podcasts out there for those interested in picking up CS2 tips – check out

www.photowalkthrough.com – for really detailed, slower paced for learning lessons from a real pro
Photoshop TV – lots of tips, a bit of messing around, but a good range of topics covered

Jon and Marianne – were married last weekend on the 14th of October and I was there to join in the merriment, and took some photos for them. I have to say it was a fantastic wedding where everyone enjoyed themselves, ate until we exploded and got up to plenty of mischief until most of us found a mattress somewhere and flaked out. Taking photos was really fun this time – I definitely didn’t have to ask anyone to smile! After I’ve gone through the photos with Jon and Marianne I’ll see if they are happy for me to post some on Seratoga.

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