New Camera – Canon 30D & B&B weekend

Blue Liperty

Blue Portrait


I finally bought myself a new toy – and since then have been seeing the world through various lenses and apertures. I will put some more details of my fancy new equipment and some of the photos I have been taking in the Photos section. I have been talking to a few professional photographers to try to get some experience with the guys who have been doing it for years. I got myself a few books from Amazon – Bryan Peterson (great stuff). I called up an old high-school friend who said she might be able to let me tag along and absorb her good ideas – which I’m keen on! In the last few months I have shot a few weddings and happy with the results I’ve got, but I definitely still have much to learn. I also find myself wandering around with a camera and a tripod much more than I used to. I’d love to get some work shooting weddings, parties, cats / dogs – anything!

In other news Vicki and I went to Lorne for a civilised weekend in a B&B. We had planned to head to Confest to play with the hippies beating drums and fire dancing but the weather forecast was abysmal with morning frost… so we went for the luxury option. We ended up having a power failure during our stay, so it was a bit more basic than we expected, but the full moon made the whole experience a bit more romantic.

My mum is finally going over to Poland to see her relatives and she bought a PC so she can surf and write to the Poles.

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