Grampians & Vicki's 30th & Russia Pics

First entry for 2006 and already it’s been a great year. Vicki and I went up to the Grampians for some hiking, a few steve_grampianswineries and a couple of really nice B&Bs. Did some serious treks up the Grampians and played soccer with a dog and got away from the big smoke.

It was Vicki’s 30th a few weekends ago so me and our friend Ange put together a surprise party with Vicki’s friends and got everyone to meet up on a bay cruise and BBQ. It took a bit of scheming but it all paid off – I have added some photos as well.

Had a really good time with Vicki’s family and mine as well. We all jumped in the pool and I got to hang with my little sisters that are growing up way too fast these days. Just a few weeks until we are off to Fiji for Mel and Michael’s wedding.

I’ve also finally added some pictures of a trip to Russia…

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