Canberra and Revolver – not related how you might think…

Last few weeks have been good. I managed to find my way into a gym and after casually watching a few other gym going people that looked far too fit, I figured out how to use the torture devices. Since then I have been enjoying dashing downstairs from work and doing something physical. After the inital few days of having to find a corner to put my head between my legs to stop myself passing out, I actually started to enjoy the whole thing – STRANGE. There is a ‘boxing’ class where you do boxing training, but don’t actually get mashed – they just make you DO boxing stuff. So not really boxing at all. I found it a bit strange that you’re not supposed to block punchers or hurt your opponents punching arm, but eventually I got used to it.

I’m still not sure if I’ll be asked to move to Canberra for my job. Tis annoying not knowing where you are going to be next week – makes putting together master plans a bit harder.

Last night Bryce and I went out to Revolver. There we found ourselves emersed in hip-hop kulcha – cap and hoodie are mandatory. I THINK we saw Muff and Platonic on stage but I really couldn’t tell you. All in all a very enjoyable night, lots of hopping about, Bryce STEALING victory from me on the pool table – TWICE and meeting strange Kiwis that had been at Revolver for 18 hours, straight off the plane – hardcore.

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