Working for the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

Since my last post I started working with Accenture on a project at the the ATO (Australian Tax Office). I’m still contracting and signed up to work for a few months in Canberra and then I was told I would be working in Melbourne. I was really happy to get a longer term contract that would end up in Melbourne where it’s all happening for me. I had a really good time in Canberra for about six weeks. I was staying with Jon and Maryanne and felt very at home with them, their friends and their dog.

While I was there Jon and Maryanne did a fair bit of DIY on their house. Giya, their friendly, huge dog would occasionally get freaked out and hide under the house so Jon and I decided to make a kennel (Maryanne said ‘dog house’ sounds like somewhere you go when you are BAD) so we had a project and knocked one up. I was pretty chuffed with our efforts.. (see right)

Now I’ve been back in Melbourne all of two weeks and Accenture want me to move BACK to Canberra. Not sure when / if this is going to happen, but wasn’t really part of the plan. It’s really good to be back in Melbourne, the Ninjutsu here is great, I love living with Vicki and Bryce and we are currently looking for a bigger place to live… so I’ll keep y’all posted on what ends up happening.





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