Dusting off WordPress for another round

Forgive me for I have not posted.. etc.etc…

I believe I’ll have some time on my hands in the near future with my current contract ending.  As always, I have much to say.

My finger is hovering over the ‘Order’ button for a Xoom – from the US of course so I don’t have to pay ‘Australian’ price gouging excess.  I had wanted the ‘second gen’ Honeycomb tablets – but nothing I have seen in the wings is actually very different from the Xoom – with the exception perhaps of the Archos – but do I want heaps of storage on a tablet.. probably not.

Breaking Bad Season 4 is airing now in the US – which is a much needed relief and contrast to True Blood’s – ‘lets make everyone magical and then get them to sleep with each other’ formula.

Planning a trip to Malaysia with the tribe, hoping to take my camera gear and chase orangutans until I get a decent shot.

My little girl Zoe is a continuous source of entertainment, humor and occasionally broken sleep.  She has a very sore arm at the moment and has taken the opportunity to sit comfortably and order us around.


I’ll be back soon with some new content for my blog.


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