September already!

It’s September…

Politics – our PM almost got re-elected.. and after much horse trading with a few independents who held the nation to ransom demanding more and more for their tiny electorates.. Julia Gillard once again leads Australia in what seems like an awfully fragile minority government.  Far from the ‘new spirit of cooperation’ independents and Coalition party members are already throwing their weight around in debates about the new Parliamentary speaker and the privatisation of the NBN (National Broadband Network) – before it’s even built.

Fibre to the home – our new Labour government, with supporting Green and independents, is pursuing a ‘National Broadband Network’ with primary infrastructure of the network being based upon deploying fibre to the home.  I have had some interesting conversations recently and also some dead boring political name-calling ones.  The interesting conversations have been about the actual cost of deploying NBN infrastructure – the benefits to be realised by a high-speed network as well as unknown future uses of a high-speed platform.  I’m concerned about the expense – but I feel Australia’s cobbled together copper and 3G networks are not a long term strategy and the investment in broadband will likely provide a decent ROI in improving Australia’s broadband infrastructure and also providing personal benefits for internet users and future services that will become available.  I’m glad Australia has a real plan for modernisation of internet infrastructure – I only hope our government doesn’t make a dog’s breakfast of it – or worse – sell it off at a bargain price to the private sector and create (another) market abusing monopoly.

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