Bloggin' is better…

Zoe growing up

Well… has been sadly neglected…

put simply – toddler, work, house hunting.. and there hasn’t been a lot of time to pretty up my website and fix its somewhat ‘organic’ structure at the moment.

The first step was to make using it easier – so I could put up some thoughts quickly and without having to master Dreamweaver to get things done.  So I’ve now got myself a decent blogging tool and I hope to make more regular contributions and fresher content.

What will I be blogging…

  • Photography stuff – I’m still actively shooting portraits, weddings, bands, events.  I’m into digital editing and photography gear and always have something to say / questions I want answered
  • Gadget stuff – I’ve recently built a new rig, constantly fighting Steve Jobs for control of my iPhone and W7 Media Center hacking etc.
  • Gaming – I’ve been trying out new PC games, getting some decent BFBC scores and excited about Diablo III and Starcraft II – Blizzard get a move on!
  • Tech talk – My Liperty Tech site was fun.. as I find solutions to Windows / other tech problems.. I’d like to share them online and give something back to the people who have made my toys work for me!

I want to merge my old posts into WordPress and then get things going – exciting times!

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