Cairns… and a new contract

Vicki and I finally had a chance to get away and have a holiday. Our last holiday was a hell of a lot colder and full of culture and life experiences, so this time I was determined to

  • Go some place HOT where you definitely don’t need a puffy jacket and there’s a good chance you’ll get sunburnt.
  • Find somewhere with a bar you can SWIM up to
  • Learn nothing, bribe no-one and generally have a good time

We managed to do all this and more in our short trip to Cairns… Just before the cyclone hits by the looks of it! I have a bunch of photos – it’s not REAL unless there are photos you see – and will post them HERE.




Things have moved on… I have accepted a six month contract and will be working in Canberra for a few months and then working in Melbourne. Vicki, Bryce and I are looking for a house to live in so we all have a bit more space when I get back to Melbourne. Seems Vicki and I have colds, I guess the timing was good – it would have sucked to miss diving.

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