Training with Craig Guest… musical house

Strewth, I haven’t updated this since last year so I guess it’s time for one…

I had a good break over Xmas and New Year, some great parties, time with the family and and chance for me and my computer to spend some quality time together. I started looking for a job after Xmas and recently started a short contract in Sydney. I’m looking at a few other jobs. Vicki and I are considering working overseas somewhere and are looking at our options. I’ve been picking up a bit of guitar and Bryce is getting into Fruity Loops (music making application) so the flat feels a bit musical!

I’ve started training at a new dojo with Craig Guest who I think is an excellent teacher. We are doing bo-jutsu (6 foot staff) which is a first for me and the whole thing is very enjoyable. I’m glad to be earning some dosh in NSW but I’ll be happy to get back to Vicki, friends, and training with Craig.

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