Life after WordPress

Blogging made easy.. so far

I’ve only been using WordPress for two days now and already I can feel my old site fading into obscurity.. it’s true I started the old website with Notepad and it was super fast, had awful HTML syntax errors throughout and looked completely different depending on the browser I loaded it up in.  Since that time I tried out a frame based site… was told tables was the way to go.. changed a bunch of pages to frames.. then it was CSS sheets and templates with DIV tags…

In the end I learnt a lot along the way, but I also found out that building an entire site from scratch, without a ‘master plan’ ends up producing a mess!  I have no regrets – and happy to have cut my teeth in HTML, CSS, flash, MySql, php forum tools.. but in the end I wanted to be able to post blogs quickly and without having to pull the strings out of the ball of twine that my website had become… and so I have moved a fair bit of my content from the old site into here and I’ll be retiring ye old build to an archive on a hard drive in the not too distant future.

I have only scratched the surface with WordPress and can already tell that I want to build my own templates and have pages with dynamic content on them – I thought this would be an ‘out of the box’ thing, but initial investigations have shown there is at least some messing about to do this.  For example I want to show only the ‘Liperty Tech’ blog entries on my ‘Liperty Tech’ page – sounds easy!

Anyhow.. happy with the way things are going.. now all I need are some readers!

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  1. Mantis says:

    Yes indeed Liperty, wordpress is definitely looking like the way forward. Thanks for the tip!

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