My first Father's Day

My first Fathers Day

Yesterday was my first father’s day! It started off with the two beautiful ladies in my life coming in with breakfast in bed for me after a luxurious sleep in (past 9am!!). I also got a great book for reading to Zoe. We went to see my dad and my grandmother who was visiting from Sale and Zoe was spoilt with aunties, grandparents and great-grandparents all fussing over her.

I really should put up some more pictures of my grandmother – ‘Nana Gwen’, technically Gwen Main. She’s a legend in our family and I’ve heard she’s well known around Sale, Traralgon and surrounding areas because of her community involvement and sporting achievements. She recently had a birthday and all of us in my family hope we have the same ‘growing old’ genes as Gwen because her memory is sharp as a tack and she’s more active now in her eighties than most twenty something year olds. Nana Gwen recently injured her leg and it has taken a while to heal, she’s not one to complain though. It was great to see Zoe and her great grandmother together, even if it was a short visit. Next time I’ll come armed with my camera!

Six months later…

Zoe looks a bit more like a human being these days :). Vicki and I are having lots of fun playing with her. I bought her a bunny rabbit outfit which has been popular (see the upside down bunny picture). We also got ourselves a ‘porta cot’ so we can go and stay with family / friends and hopefully take a holiday wid our widdle wabbit soon.

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