Back in Melbourne

I’ve been back in Melbourne for a few weeks now and the house is starting to look less like a storage shed. There are three of us in my two bedroom flat, which makes things a little poky, but we have managed to set the place up. Bryce and I have been entertaining ourselves with nightly Dawn of War tournaments. I currently have the upper hand (just don’t ask Bryce) but my lead seems to be slipping.

I guess I had better start hunting down a contract. Great to have some time off to catch up with some geeky things. I put another drive in my PC the other day – that’s 5 now and over half a terrabyte… sweeet….

I’m starting up Ninjutsu at a new school tomorrow which is very exciting. I talked to the Sensei there and he seems like a nice guy who doesn’t need to make people think he’s tough. They have a PROPER dojo as well, with mats instead of concrete floors! What a joy that will be.


I’m also getting guitar lessons and have one booked for Monday. Bryce has been teaching me how to use Live! and Reason (audio engineering applications) and I hope to be able to lay sometime down after a bit of practise.

Sunny Melbourne

… ok the weather hasn’t been all good…. Did you see the Melbourne Cup. The best swimmer won!

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