A lot has happened…

A lot has happened in the past few days. My dear Nana passed away and will be missed by all. It was also my birthday and we had our first house party in Canberra and had a good turn out. For the first time in ages I wasn’t sticking my camera in people’s faces so I have no pics to post here! I also bought three outrageously large monitors for Dave, Bryce and myself – 21 inches should be enough for any man.

Looks like I am going to miss my 10 year MHS school reunion with work asking me to stay for another week. Good to keep the client happy and cash is always useful too.

If anyone actually looks at this site at the moment – you’ll see most of the buttons don’t do much at the moment. I have ideas.. and some much a welcome break should give me plenty of geeky time to put some content in here.

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