Farewell to Poppa Ken

On May 11th my dear grandfather – Poppa Ken died. It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone who has always been in your life. With Poppa Ken living in Sale, I didn’t see him nearly as much as I would have liked to and I am sad that he never got to meet his great grand-daughter Zoe. Loosing my granddad has made me realise how important my family is and how we have to make sure we make time for each other in our busy lifestyles.

Poppa Ken’s memory had been bad for years now towards the end he found it difficult to remember much. Poppa Ken wasn’t one to complain though – whenever we went to see him he would break into a big smile and joke around. He would do quite a convincing job of covering up his bad memory – to keep everyone around him happy. In the end Poppa Ken couldn’t eat or drink, so we were happy that he didn’t suffer any longer.

In loosing my granddad, I actually found out a lot more about him. I heard stories from my family about his adventures, his parenting and even his efforts in World War II. Saying goodbye has been difficult for everyone, but at the same time I feel closer to my family than I have been for a long time.

Starting a new job.. and it’s NOT Siebel

Over three months since my last blog… and it has been busy. I have started a new job as a Data Migration lead on a project. After many, many years doing Siebel, it’s refreshing to do something completely different. While it’s great to have technical expertise with a system, after nine years of Siebel, it’s refreshing to work on something completely different. I’m working with some great people and we are already establishing a collective sense of humour that helps the day move along.

The amazing Zoe Main – now walking and ‘talking’

Zoe giggles as she gets a kissZoe turned ONE on the 5th of March… and was making her way about the house using a vigorous form of crawling. She would get moving so fast that her legs would start whipping around behind her and you could hear her crawling from anywhere in the house.

About a month ago she surprised us with her first awkward steps… followed by a big flop onto her well padded bottom. In the next two weeks she really got the hang of things and you rarely see her crawling any more. She’s also started to figure out when it’s not such a great idea to go running – like down stairs and on the edge of the bed.. but there is much to learn!

Zoe has a passion for books, a Vicki trait that I didn’t expect to see for a bit longer – but she runs around handing books to anyone that will read them. She is also a big fan of her hellos and goodbyes – we sit on the fence outside and watch people driving and cycling past. Zoe yells out hello and goodbye (they both sound the same at the moment) to strangers and it’s amazing how many people make time for a one year old with a smile! Also she ‘barks’ at dogs she sees but it usually a bit too shy to pat them. She figured out recently that if she jams her milk Zoe in her  red bear hatbottle into the ground really hard, the milk leaks out and then she can finger-paint with milk on the floor – so much fun!

The last two nights Zoe has wanted an early start – at 4am or 5am.. making the next day a bit of a blur for us all.. but you just can’t be upset with that little grinning face, even at 4am. I just have to find adults to be grumpy with.

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