Hot in the city

It has been crazy hot in Melbourne over the past few weeks…

I think all the records have been broken and there have been 45 – 47 degree days. When it gets that hot in Melbourne everything falls apart – our public transport, our power supply and subsequently just about everyone’s patience. I stood around in my personal sweat shower specifically waiting for a air conditioned tram so I wouldn’t bake on the way home – when it finally arrived, it was HOTTER inside than out and stuffed full of people dripping with sweat. I resolved to cycle to work once my bike was out of the shop – at least then I could suffer in a hot breeze by myself, instead of facing off with someone’s armpit on a tram. To top it all off, I came home after a 40something degree (C) day to find my precious mint plants, earmarked for tasty cocktails, had turned into dried sticks with leaves that crumbled off when you touched them. Others have real problems….

…bush fires in Victoria take a heavy toll

Bush fires are raging across Victoria at the moment… over 200 have died at this stage and Victoria is coming to terms with the scale of the fires. The state has been so damn hot it’s not unusual to have bush fires, but the scale of the destruction this time around is jaw dropping. Some towns that have been since before I was born have simply been wiped off the map. On the upside, the people of Victoria are working together to help those who have suffered and there are charities and communities working to help those in need. Even my old dojo is doing a fund-raiser – getting sponsors for ‘kicks’ trying to raise 20 grand.

Life after teeth…


Zoe - 11 months

Zoe is 11 months old now and is an amazing little lady. She has had so many firsts that they can’t all be listed here. She had her first splash in the water at the beach, her first bush walk through the parks in Noosa, her first two little bottom teeth poking out, first time swallowing an ice block whole and realising it’s a bad idea.. the list goes on…

She is progressing well now with an advanced undergraduate diploma in cupboard lock picking, an honorary anarchists degree in “DVD reorganisation and reckless acts of speaker wire yanking” and is making inroads with her culinary based abstract art – post dinner time and doesn’t hold back letting us know we are destroying precious artwork when we clean it away in preparation for her bath.

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