'Foodie', mashing veggies and money men.

Chance  gets ball for HawthornFor those of you who live overseas or have no access to television, radio or newspapers – last weekend was the grand final.

For many Australian’s this is simply the pinnacle of sporting excitement for the year with some travelling across the country and decorating their houses in team colours. Neither of my parents were particularly impressed with AFL with my dad suggesting reading a book would be time much better spent than watching football. I have learnt the basics of Aussie Rules, been to a few games over the years and almost always yell at the right time now. But I seriously don’t care who wins a the grand final. Nevertheless, I picked Hawthorn for my lacklustre support and had a few beers at my mate Shane’s house during the spectacle. We took Zoe along for the experience and she seemed to appreciate being amongst a group of people for whom screaming at random was acceptable, nay encouraged!… and she fitted in quite well.

Feeding the beast –

Vicki has been doing a super job looking after our girl Zoe – even though Zoe seems to be teething and can be a grumpy monkey at random it seems. We have been experimenting with lots of different foods and so far Zoe will eat almost anything.. then we tried broccoli and realised there are limits to even her adventurous pallet. Currently Zoe’s shoveling down veggies, fruit, porridge and cereal in random combinations, only slowing down to bang her fist on her high chair to demand faster service.

I bought myself a small photography gadget – a radio trigger (a dodgy Chinese one for 1/10 of the price you’d normally pay) for my strobes and will have to do a proper photo shoot with my little wonder to give it a proper test (I know everyone is wondering where ‘this weeks’ shots are).

All good things come to and end – Wall Street shares the pain after the all that profit

george_dubya_bushIt would be funny if it wasn’t so awful. The President of the USA has recently got on the telly to explain to everyone who they will each have to fork out something in the vicinity of US $7000 for EACH TAXPAYER to ensure that some of the richest and most recklessly profiteering companies on Wall Street can stay afloat despite their gambling losses. This is only weeks after wall_street_bullsaid president assured everyone America’s finances were fundamentally sound. Apparently America will now fall to pieces of the mega-rich in the country can’t dip into the national coffers when the chips are down. This is at the same time as 1 million people loosing their homes after borrowing money from these companies, companies that had refused to implement government backed plans to support people struggling to pay their mortgages.

From my limited knowledge, not only is the US government offering to buy bad debt from banks at the expense tax paying Americans but also – paying more than market rates for it, corporate execs of these companies are still going to get massive pay outs, and taxpayers who are in the process of loosing their homes are barely getting a mention.

What’s more there has been pressure from the Wall Street ‘money men’ to limit the oversight of these bad debt purchases – which would seen to be akin to asking the government to look the other way while they are trusted to raid the pantry – after all they have shown how responsible they can be!

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