Liperty Tech – giving something back to the tekkies…


‘Liperty Tech’ – giving something back

Recently I’ve updated my PC hardware, liperty_tech_avatarchanged hard drive configuration, installed a 64 bit operating system in a triple boot raid array setup and then installed a bunch of applications, games, network connectivity etc. I had more than a few problems along the way and realised how much I rely on the good will and information provided by others sharing their solutions to problems online. I thought I’d add ‘Liperty Tech’ to my web site to share some of the solutions I have found / come up with while resolving PC issues. I’ve also created a Forum linked to the topics in Liperty Tech so that people can provide feedback / alternative solutions and possibly other issues they’d like help with. It’s early days yet, but I’m glad to have a few solutions up on the net to help out some of the poor souls grappling with the same issues I have.

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