Missing martial arts

Zoe mastering chair toys

It’s been a long time since I did any martial arts training and I have really started to miss it. I used to train with Craig Guest but his St. Kilda dojo closed and he only trains in Preston. These days ‘free time’ is a precious thing indeed and driving to Preston and back isn’t an option. I toyed with the idea of checking out the BJJ around the corner as it’s taught by a guy with a really good reputation and anyone into martial arts can tell you the BJJ guys do very well in an open martial arts competition. Only… with a fair bit of Bujinkan training under my belt, it’s hard to change styles and decide to roll around on the ground 🙂

I found a Bujinkan Ninjutsu instructor in South Yarra and hope to check out his class soon and see what it’s like. It’ll be hard to find someone I like learning from as much as Criag – but I guess I’ll see! I recently applied for an insurance policy that specifically said they don’t cover Ninjutsu… I personally think cycling to work is more dangerous.

Rant response –

The Minister of Telecommunications, Stephen Conroy wrote me a letter responding to my submission related to Australian Broadband Development. I’ll scan a copy and add it to my Australian Broadband rant when I get the chance. With Telstra making 3.7 BILLION DOLLARS in net profit this year and your average Australian paying for wayyy to much for too little broadband, changes are well overdue. At least I got a letter back, which is more than I can say for the previous minister.

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