Several months have passed since I last blogged.

I have met some of Vicki’s friends from the local mother’s group and their little baby girls. ALL girls in fact! The other day I took the day off work and the mothers group came around to our house. It looked like there was a pram sale going on and I spent the day wandering about taking some photos of the babies, eating home cooked muffins and making little baby girls giggle. I had a really good time and it’s good to meet other sleep deprived people who are getting used to a life of servitude.

The swimming has continued.. with a small break after I pulled a bunch of muscles in my back at the gym, leaving me unable to turn my head properly and walking around looking like a broken robot who has to turn his whole body left and right to check before crossing the road – not much fun. I got up to 80 laps of a 50 meter pool and the ‘magic’ 5km swim is within sight. I even bought a fancy watch (cheap when bought on eBay) that can remember how many laps I’ve done in the pool so I can focus on daydreaming instead of remembering what lap I am on. I started swimming at the Harold Holt pool which is heated but outdoors. It’s much more fun swimming outside if you can brave the ice cold winds when you get out of the pool and dash to the change rooms.poppa_ken_and_dad

Mum and Paul came to visit recently and deposited what will become my next three months worth of calories into the fridge in the form of a delicious fruit flan. They didn’t actually eat any THEMSELVES.. but left it in the fridge to call out to me at night.

A few months back I took a day off so that Dad and I could go and visit Poppa Ken (my grandfather). He lives out in Sale so it’s hard to get out there to visit him on a weekend these days. Dad and I made a road trip out of it and it was fantastic to finally catch up with Poppa Ken again. His memory is pretty stuffed these days, but he’s still the good humoured cheeky granddad I know and love.

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