Issue : Bioshock Black Screen On Loading


I found that Bioshock configuration was working and then as soon as I went to play the game I would be presented with a black screen. There was some hard drive activity, but the program would never recover and I would have to kill the process.

After checking the usual suspects – video driver, sound card driver, too much overclocking, background processes, virus checking etc.etc. bioshock

Solution: Finally, after much trawling, I found a tip that suggested turning off Vista’s tablet functionality would fix the problem. I tried this, loosing the handwriting / tablet login functionality in windows (that I don’t actually use) and Bioshock was good to go! The tablet still works as the drivers are loaded – it’s actually the Vista tablet functionality that seems to be interfering with Bioshock’s controls – who knew!

To turn off the tablet functionality go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features On or Off then de-select ‘Tablet PC Optional Components’.

Update: This issue is also relevant to Far Cry 2. I found that if I had Vista Tablet components enabled Direct X 10 operations would suffer terribly (DX9 was ok) – even menu screens would stutter and take ages to navigate. I don’t understand why Far Cry 2 would have such a dreadful frame rate due to tablet functionality, but I have verified this is the case. It seems there is work to be done around Vista tablet compoents to ensure they don’t interfere with Direct X / games.

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