Back from Bali

Vicki and I are back from a few weeks in Bali. I was initially terrified of the idea of being surrounded by Aussie tourists who are determined to drink heroic amounts of Bintang Bali Beer in record time. But we limited our time in Kuta to one day and spent the day running back to […]

Website update / Thailand / 2142 and WOW

Updating website – Over the last few days I have been updating to remove the frames and tables of my past efforts and move towards CSS and layers. The change has taken me a fair bit of messing around and there isn’t a huge difference in the pages when you look at them. The […]

New Camera – Canon 30D & B&B weekend

Photography! I finally bought myself a new toy – and since then have been seeing the world through various lenses and apertures. I will put some more details of my fancy new equipment and some of the photos I have been taking in the Photos section. I have been talking to a few professional photographers […]

Grampians & Vicki's 30th & Russia Pics

First entry for 2006 and already it’s been a great year. Vicki and I went up to the Grampians for some hiking, a few wineries and a couple of really nice B&Bs. Did some serious treks up the Grampians and played soccer with a dog and got away from the big smoke. It was Vicki’s […]

Cairns… and a new contract

Vicki and I finally had a chance to get away and have a holiday. Our last holiday was a hell of a lot colder and full of culture and life experiences, so this time I was determined to Go some place HOT where you definitely don’t need a puffy jacket and there’s a good chance […]