Cycling in Victoria needs improvement

I just bought myself a lovely road bike – second hand mind you, but it’s a big step up from the heavy hybrid that I bought about 5 years ago which had a hard life and suffered when I didn’t have a garage to shelter it from the rain. I’ve been cycling to the city […]

Several months have passed since I last blogged.

I have met some of Vicki’s friends from the local mother’s group and their little baby girls. ALL girls in fact! The other day I took the day off work and the mothers group came around to our house. It looked like there was a pram sale going on and I spent the day wandering […]

Life after Zoe…

Much like her prominence on my homepage… Zoe has become a major part of our lives now and along with the new family member come a whole bunch of skills that you never even thought about before a baby came along. I now find myself able to figure out if Zoe is really waking up […]

Now hear this!

Vicki and I are getting married and we have a baby due in March 08! I think I have told most of my friends by now but occasionally I mention the baby in passing and people ask me if I got a new car / computer…. not this time, this time it’s a live one […]

Remembering the way to the gym & Bronnie's play

I’ve just had my 29th birthday and had a weekend to remember. With no less than three other friends having their birthday’s last weekend we all had an excuse for excess and took full advantage of it. Lots of food, booze and dancing later, I had a relaxing Sunday lying in the park drinking juice, […]