September already!

It’s September… Politics – our PM almost got re-elected.. and after much horse trading with a few independents who held the nation to ransom demanding more and more for their tiny electorates.. Julia Gillard once again leads Australia in what seems like an awfully fragile minority government. ¬†Far from the ‘new spirit of cooperation’ independents […]

New PM for Australia

Waking up to a new PM… So yesterday, like everyone else, I found out that the Labor Party power brokers got together and decided it was time for Australia to have a new Prime Minister. I realise in the Australian political system we elect political parties, not individuals – so this is well within the […]

Cycling in Victoria needs improvement

I just bought myself a lovely road bike – second hand mind you, but it’s a big step up from the heavy hybrid that I bought about 5 years ago which had a hard life and suffered when I didn’t have a garage to shelter it from the rain. I’ve been cycling to the city […]

Government Internet Censorship – do something before it's too late

‘CLEAN’ FEED NOT IN MY NAME!!! When Zoe found out what our Telecom Minister – Stephen Conroy – was planning to implement under the guise of ‘protecting children’ she was as angry as I am. Apparently we need to be protected from the evils of the internet and we can not be trusted! Our government, […]

'Foodie', mashing veggies and money men.

For those of you who live overseas or have no access to television, radio or newspapers – last weekend was the grand final. For many Australian’s this is simply the pinnacle of sporting excitement for the year with some travelling across the country and decorating their houses in team colours. Neither of my parents were […]

War, Iraq, American Politics and why do I care? (ok, it's a rant)

The War – You’d think with the mess Australian politics is, I wouldn’t have time to get upset about American politics.. but I am getting upset. Like most people I was appalled by both the American and Australian governments in recent years – going to war with countries that pose no threat to us, fabricating […]