Farewell to Poppa Ken

On May 11th my dear grandfather – Poppa Ken died. It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone who has always been in your life. With Poppa Ken living in Sale, I didn’t see him nearly as much as I would have liked to and I am sad that he never got to meet his […]

Hot in the city

It has been crazy hot in Melbourne over the past few weeks… I think all the records have been broken and there have been 45 – 47 degree days. When it gets that hot in Melbourne everything falls apart – our public transport, our power supply and subsequently just about everyone’s patience. I stood around […]

'Foodie', mashing veggies and money men.

For those of you who live overseas or have no access to television, radio or newspapers – last weekend was the grand final. For many Australian’s this is simply the pinnacle of sporting excitement for the year with some travelling across the country and decorating their houses in team colours. Neither of my parents were […]

My first Father's Day

My first Fathers Day Yesterday was my first father’s day! It started off with the two beautiful ladies in my life coming in with breakfast in bed for me after a luxurious sleep in (past 9am!!). I also got a great book for reading to Zoe. We went to see my dad and my grandmother […]

Missing martial arts

It’s been a long time since I did any martial arts training and I have really started to miss it. I used to train with Craig Guest but his St. Kilda dojo closed and he only trains in Preston. These days ‘free time’ is a precious thing indeed and driving to Preston and back isn’t […]

The joy of uninterrupted sleep, Olympics – Meh!

Last night Zoe slept from 10:45pm until nearly 6am in the morning. I was walking around the lounge room in the morning experiencing a strange sensation – I could see across the room, my eyes didn’t feel like they had sand inthem and I could remember what day it was, then I realised – THIS […]

Life after Zoe…

Much like her prominence on my homepage… Zoe has become a major part of our lives now and along with the new family member come a whole bunch of skills that you never even thought about before a baby came along. I now find myself able to figure out if Zoe is really waking up […]

It's a girl!!!

Our baby came a bit sooner than we expected. On Vicki’s first day of work we went in for a check up and they recommended that we have our baby two days later – so it was all action stations to get everything ready and mentally prepare ourselves for the baby. Baby Zoe arrived on […]