Missing martial arts

It’s been a long time since I did any martial arts training and I have really started to miss it. I used to train with Craig Guest but his St. Kilda dojo closed and he only trains in Preston. These days ‘free time’ is a precious thing indeed and driving to Preston and back isn’t […]

Training with Craig Guest… musical house

Strewth, I haven’t updated this since last year so I guess it’s time for one… I had a good break over Xmas and New Year, some great parties, time with the family and and chance for me and my computer to spend some quality time together. I started looking for a job after Xmas and […]

Back in Melbourne

I’ve been back in Melbourne for a few weeks now and the house is starting to look less like a storage shed. There are three of us in my two bedroom flat, which makes things a little poky, but we have managed to set the place up. Bryce and I have been entertaining ourselves with […]