Dusting off WordPress for another round

Forgive me for I have not posted.. etc.etc… I believe I’ll have some time on my hands in the near future with my current contract ending.  As always, I have much to say. My finger is hovering over the ‘Order’ button for a Xoom – from the US of course so I don’t have to […]

September already!

It’s September… Politics – our PM almost got re-elected.. and after much horse trading with a few independents who held the nation to ransom demanding more and more for their tiny electorates.. Julia Gillard once again leads Australia in what seems like an awfully fragile minority government.  Far from the ‘new spirit of cooperation’ independents […]

New PM for Australia

Waking up to a new PM… So yesterday, like everyone else, I found out that the Labor Party power brokers got together and decided it was time for Australia to have a new Prime Minister. I realise in the Australian political system we elect political parties, not individuals – so this is well within the […]

Life after WordPress

Blogging made easy.. so far I’ve only been using WordPress for two days now and already I can feel my old site fading into obscurity.. it’s true I started the old website with Notepad and it was super fast, had awful HTML syntax errors throughout and looked completely different depending on the browser I loaded […]

Bloggin' is better…

Well… Seratoga.com has been sadly neglected… put simply – toddler, work, house hunting.. and there hasn’t been a lot of time to pretty up my website and fix its somewhat ‘organic’ structure at the moment. The first step was to make using it easier – so I could put up some thoughts quickly and without […]

Website update / Thailand / 2142 and WOW

Updating website – Over the last few days I have been updating Seratoga.com to remove the frames and tables of my past efforts and move towards CSS and layers. The change has taken me a fair bit of messing around and there isn’t a huge difference in the pages when you look at them. The […]

A lot has happened…

A lot has happened in the past few days. My dear Nana passed away and will be missed by all. It was also my birthday and we had our first house party in Canberra and had a good turn out. For the first time in ages I wasn’t sticking my camera in people’s faces so […]

First post…

Welcome visitors – I am just starting to put together some new pages while I am in the process of learning to use some development tools to put the page together. My last attempt at a web site was done entirely in a text editor. Hopefully things will come along a bit quicker once I […]